About us

Peter Van Herk

Peter is a founding partner of Skilled at Business. His background in business mentoring was born from experiences gained from over 25 years in business. His consulting work has covered a wide variety of businesses, working directly with clients or providing support through government programs. Specialising in indigenous and multicultural businesses. Peter has a hands on approach to business support. If he’s not working on the financials, you might find him painting walls a day before the grand opening, playing his guitar at the launch party or even flying in special equipment in his two seater plane, it’s all in a days work.

James Terry

James is also a founding partner of Skilled at Business. A business owner in his own right, he has assisted in mentoring businesses in the hospitality industry utilising his background experiences in catering, food production and agriculture industries. James is the media director of 2T Media Production, specialising in slide presentations and his passion for recording family histories in Kindred Tales. His unique take on visual presentations and slightly warped sense of humour sets his work apart from the mundane oh-so-correct stock images so often seen.

Skilled at Business PTY LTD 2018

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