Video productions

In the world of presentations, being PC, blue/grey standard government issue design, sanitised stock images with perfect whitened teeth, okay you hear me. Well not here! We view the world from outside the box, need to be pulled inline occasionally but generally tend to make presentations that are engaging, informative, emotional and encourage connectedness and relatedness for the viewer. 

Actual slide from a well-being presentation

Slide Presentations

Helen Keller was so right, especially when it comes to PowerPoint presentations. The rules are endless and differ depending upon who you talk to and at what time of the day. The point is, unless you can keep my attention as a participant, then the exercise is lost. Our endeavour is to view it from both ends. Ensuring consistency and efficacy of content, whilst making the experience as entertaining as possible.¬†Hopefully, as a facilitator you’ll never hear snoring in your presentation*.¬† Want to discuss your next project, please email me from the link above.

*Disclaimer: if you do hear snoring, it’s definitely not to do with our slides.

Skilled at Business PTY LTD 2018

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